The Easiest Way to Get Rid of Tough Mattress Stains

Some stubborn stains on mattresses disrupt our mood. And this is often due to the difficulty of getting rid of them by the usual way. We strive to find different ways to get rid of them, by trying out some imaginable methods or ill informed methods that are not professionally ratified. Most certainly or sometimes a wrong way to remove stains from the mattress can cause the mattress to be lost or painfully damaged. 

Here, We Give You The Fastest Ways and Best of Its Solutions to Get Rid of Tough Stains on The Mattress

  • Remove Ink Stains from Mattress

    Often washing the mattress by using soaps or detergents is not an approved stain removal technique because it fails to get rid of ink stains. This does not mean to say that washing is not the right thing to do. But before you start washing the mattress make sure to take one of the following steps:
    • Put a cloth under the stain, then use a cotton swab moistened with alcohol on top and continue to press it until the fabric absorbs the ink. 
    • Or you can use lemon or vinegar on the stain and then rub it until it disappears. The disappearance doesn’t mean that it has finally vanished. The next thing to do is to wash the mattress as usual, giving it a cleaned look.
  • Remove Nail stains / Nail polish from Mattress

    Apply a white towel under the stain, then wet a cotton swab with nail polish remover. After applying the nail polish remover, the next thing is for you to start applying pressure to the stain until the towel absorbs it.
  • Remove Blood Stains from the Mattress

    If the blood stains are fresh, wash it with cold water immediately. If it is old, soak it in warm water with half a tablespoon of liquid soap, then rub it. But if it fails to clear off, request the help of mattress cleaning in Booragoon.
  • Removing Wall Paint Stains from the Mattress

    Sometimes it happens that you unwittingly sit next to a freshly painted door or wall, which causes your clothes to stain. If this happens, you can remove the paint stains by soaking the clothes in “turpentine oil” for several hours and then disposing of the remaining fatty residue in the gasoline.
  • Remove Chocolate Stains from the Mattress

    If the chocolate is spot fresh, immediately rub it with a little liquid soap and then soak it in warm water. In the event that it is too late, soak the clothing in ice water and rub the stain until it has completely disappeared; alternatively resort to mattress cleaning services.
  • Remove Coffee Stains from The Mattress

    Remove Coffee Stains from The Mattress

    The coffee stain is one of the most difficult spots that can be dealt with if it is left on for a long period of time on the clothes. Repeat this step until the stain is completely gone. 


The importance of removing stains from the mattress isn’t merely a way to keep it from dirt and bad looks, it goes beyond that, even through living a healthy lifestyle. For this reason, it is essential to quickly erase stains on the mattress as soon as it occurs.  Professional mattress cleaning services like Carpet Cleaning Booragoon offers affordable cleaning services that are close to you if your mattress maintenance is stifled due to time constraints or fatigue.